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    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Revolutionizes Customer Engagement with Digital ‘Mitra’ Initiative


    • Initiative grants customers premium access to special offers, priority service and personalized consultations with top management
    • Selected BharatBenz customers paired with DICV Executives to receive one-on-one personalized service
    • All interactions to take place virtually through phone, email and video conferencing until pandemic passes

    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), maker of BharatBenz trucks and buses, today announced the launch of its revolutionary customer engagement program ‘Mitra’. Mitra, which means ‘friend’ in Hindi, pairs selected BharatBenz customers with top executives from DICV to ensure they receive the absolute best service possible throughout their relationship with the CV manufacturer. 

    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Revolutionizes Customer Engagement with Digital ‘Mitra’ Initiative  | Vandi4u
    2019 Pilot Mitra Program – L to R Mr. Narender Kumar Agarwal – Joint Managing Director – CJ Darcl Logistics with Mr. Leonardo Piccinini, CFO, DICV

    Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Services DICV said, “What better way to ensure the high standards expected by our customers than to offer them their own Concierge? With the BharatBenz Mitra program, selected customers are each assigned a top executive who is personally devoted to making sure they get the best service possible.” 

    DICV rolled out a Mitra pilot program last year covering seven fleet customers who were paired with members of the DICV Executive Board – all the way up to the company CEO. The program showed great results with participants reporting much higher levels of engagement and satisfaction as evidenced by several hundred additional vehicle sales. The initiative also helped DICV convert two new customers who had only ever before bought competitor vehicles.

    “With the DICV Leadership Team personally involved in customer service, all our company’s processes will naturally become more and more customercentric. The BharatBenz Mitra program will help us build long-term relationships with our customers based on excellent service and an emotional connect,” explained Rajaram. 

    From this month, the Mitra program will be expanded to a further 60 customers spread out over the entirety of India, a scope made possible thanks to the digitalisation of the program. While the pilot program required top executives to travel hundreds of kilometres at a time for face-to-face meetings, Mitra will now be conducted virtually. Customers will have access to their Mitra counterparts via phone, text, email and video conferencing. Once the pandemic passes, face-to-face interactions will resume at the customer’s convenience. 

    “BharatBenz Mitra offers unbeatable peace of mind. While all BharatBenz buyers have access to our 24/7 call center and country-wide network of dealerships, Mitra customers will additionally have an in-house champion who will learn their product and service needs from the ground up and then advocate to make sure they receive solutions tailored to their business,” commented Rajaram.

    The Mitra program will be offered free to selected customers on an invitation-only basis. However, plans are in place to further extend the program in the coming years to meet market demand.

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