Thursday, July 18, 2024

    Switzerland gets its first FUSO eCanter all-electric truck


    Daimler Trucks’ first all-electric truck in small series production conquered yet another European truck market by delivering three new FUSO eCanter trucks to Camion Transport AG. “I must say that being the first company in Switzerland to operate this pioneering vehicle makes us rather proud,” says Managing Director Josef Jäger. The vehicles will operate in the city centres of Basel, Lucerne and Geneva, and handle the locally emission-free distribution of retail goods.

    Urbanisation is a significant global trend. At the same time, the need for goods is growing steadily, particularly in dense city centres. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce business has exploded worldwide. “These products have to reach the people,” says Josef Jäger, Managing Director of Camion Transport AG. “That needs to happen fast, but it needs to be ecological, clean and quiet,” he explains, and he adds, “Our experience with the FUSO EcoHybrid has been very good and we are pleased that with the eCanter we are coming a step closer to our vision of sustainable city logistics. We want to deliver completely emission-free to urban centres by 2025.”

    The FUSO eCanter is a 7.49 tonne truck with a range of over 100 km, a top speed of approx. 80 km/h and 129 kW output, it has everything needed for ecological and economical operation in urban centres. Its 3400 mm wheelbase makes it extremely agile. More than 200 vehicles are currently in daily operation in the USA, Europe and Japan.

    The experience that Camion Transport AG and other notable logistic companies gain with the powerful eCanter small series model flows directly back to FUSO, where the data is assessed and taken into account for the development of the series production vehicle. With a global fleet achievement of over 3 million kilometres driven locally emission free in customer operations, the team of engineers at FUSO can call on an ever-increasing pool of experience. The aim is that when the eCanter goes into series production in large numbers in the first half.

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