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    BharatBenz unveils all-new BS6 range of Trucks and Buses


    Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), subsidiary BharatBenz showcased its all-new range of BSVI-compliant BharatBenz vehicles for the Indian market. Over a dozen medium and heavy-duty buses and trucks were on display., updated inside and out.
    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satyakam Arya, MD & CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, said, “BharatBenz’s new CV range offers Indian customers the solution they need for the future, setting new benchmarks for medium and heavy duty trucks with improved fuel efficiency, safety and connectivity.”
    BharatBenz unveils all-new BS6 range of Trucks and Buses | VANDI4U
    Just three years after the introduction of BSIV (Euro 4 equivalent) India will move to BSVI (Euro 6 equivalent) this year, skipping BSV entirely. The new BharatBenz range achieves BSVI compliance months ahead of the government’s April 2020 deadline. DICV leveraged Daimler Trucks global network of technological expertise to quickly and efficiently localize proven Euro 6 technologies for use in the Indian market.
    BharatBenz unveils all-new BS6 range of Trucks and Buses | VANDI4U
    Apart from a new bold styling for its medium and heavy-duty trucks, the all new generation of BharatBenz CVs offers ‘ProfitTechnology+’. This package of technologies and features ensures industry-leading fuel efficiency, safety, comfort and reliability which is benefit for the  customers.
    BharatBenz unveils all-new BS6 range of Trucks and Buses | VANDI4U
    Key among the new technologies showcased were the introduction of Daimler Truck Asia’s telematics solutions ‘Truckonnect’ and ‘Bus Connect’ for BharatBenz products. These connectivity-enhancing services allow operators to track and analyse their vehicles in real time. The benefits of this include improved fleet and fuel management, reduced running costs, increased utilization of assets and improved driver performance.
    Within eight years of the market launch, DICV has already produced over 100,000 BharatBenz vehicles – an unprecedented ramp-up in the world’s toughest commercial vehicle market. DICV produces and sells BharatBenz trucks above 9 to 55 tons in India and for India tailored to various customer applications. For the local bus industry BharatBenz offers school, tourist, and staff buses, as well as bus chassis. The pan Indian BharatBenz sales and service network of more than 235 touchpoints is being continuously expanded.
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