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    Skoda opens DigiLab unit in India as part of INDIA 2.0 project


    Skoda Auto has opened its fourth Skoda Auto DigiLab unit, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Skoda Auto DigiLab India will support the core business of Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited by developing digital and mobility solutions. In addition, a dedicated software development centre has been established by Volkswagen IT Services India Private Limited with offices in Gurugam and Pune to support Skoda Auto’s IT requirements globally and develop digital solutions. The services, content and mobility solutions developed by the two new organisations will benefit all Volkswagen Group brands in India. Both activities constitute the INDIA 2.0 project – a Skoda Auto led market strategy for the entire Volkswagen Group in the Indian market.
    The Skoda Auto DigiLab India team will join forces with technology companies and promising start-ups in the country, in turn promote the countryְ’s intellectual capital, strengthen the local talent pool, and connect the industry with local start-ups to expand India’s position within the global IT industry.
    Skoda Auto DigiLab India aims to make use of the immense potential the subcontinent has to offer as a global market leader in software and technology. By working on digital development projects and delivering solutions tailored to the Indian market, Skoda Auto DigiLab India supports the Group’s core business in India. Wherever possible, other Skoda markets will also benefit from these developments. To this end, Skoda Auto DigiLab India will be working closely with the car manufacturer’s innovation hubs in the Czech Republic, Israel and China.
    The dedicated Software Development Centre with offices in Gurugram and Pune, has been set up as a part of Volkswagen IT Services India Private Limited, is also taking advantage of the country’s huge IT potential, supporting the IT departments of both Skoda Auto and Volkswagen Group. The centre develops program applications and digital solutions that create an even more diverse customer experience for car buyers in India and is working for all of the Volkswagen Group brands present on the Indian market.
    The Skoda Auto DigiLab in Pune is an integral part of the India 2.0 project led by Skoda Auto, whereas the Volkswagen Group confirmed investments of around one billion euros. Skoda has consistently established its innovation hubs in important markets and high-tech regions. Skoda Auto DigiLab in Prague was the first of the now four centres, which opened at the beginning of 2017. The first spin-off followed in January 2018, commencing operations in the Israeli IT hotspot of Tel Aviv as a joint venture between the Prague-based Skoda Auto DigiLab and the local importer Champion Motors. The third hub in China joined the team in April 2019 and has since been testing digital prototypes and mobility services for Chinese market. These agile business organisations, which function as start-ups in the IT industry, allow Skoda to sustainably strengthen its expertise in both innovation and digital development.
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