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    Bridgestone India and CII Institute of Logistics launches Road Transport & Logistics Excellence Initiative

    An initiative aimed to felicitate drivers in the transport industry

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    On International driver’s day, CII IL and Bridgestone India, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, have launched a Road Transport & Logistics Excellence initiative. The first program as a part of this initiative is aimed at recognizing and appreciating the key role of drivers. Subsequent programs will focus on areas related to research to gain insights with the aim of addressing the image of professionals in the sector, road safety, fuel efficiency, tyre mileage, overall cost optimisation etc.

    A professional driver’s platform – “drivers guild” will be established connecting multiple locations to expand developmental initiatives in association with various regional stakeholders in the road transport sector.

    The Government and industry have also introduced initiatives focusing on enhancement of skills of drivers through the establishment of new driver training institutes, online services related to RTO, encouragement for new generation trucks are expected to bring improvement in the sector. India needs 22 lakhs professional drivers to move goods. It is envisaged that the recent Vehicle Scrapping Policy is conducive to attract additional investments of around Rs. 10,000 Crore and 35,000 job opportunities.

    “Commercial vehicle drivers play a significant, yet unsung, role in keeping the economy going and are seldom recognized for their efforts. This platform will result in enhancing the motivation of the driver community and at the same time build a safe and sustainable environment for the complete Transport & Logistics eco-system. These drivers are an important stakeholder segment for us and the International Drivers day is apt to recognize their key role in driving the wheels of trade in our country.” said Mr Parag Satpute-Managing Director, Bridgestone India.

    Deepak Gulati, Executive Officer, Marketing and Solutions, Bridgestone India, said, “Logistics sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and drivers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this industry. There is a pressing need to orient truck drivers, accord them the security, dignity and respect they truly deserve. This initiative also aims at enhancing the skillsets, social and professional life of the truck and bus drivers, while giving them a platform to share their views and expertise to make the transport Industry better.”

    Mr. R. Dinesh, Chairman, CII Institute of Logistics, said, “With an aim to acknowledge the men who spend a large part of their lives on the wheel, CII Institute of Logistics has partnered with Bridgestone to plan and implement series of initiatives of recognizing and appreciating drivers and other transport industry partners. We would like to transform the image of the Logistics sector, starting with recognition of unsung heroes of road transport – drivers. Series of programs in the near future will focus on improving professionalism and quality of service in the Transport and Logistics sector.”

    The new generation trucks, technology solutions, well developed road infrastructure and fast developing amenities alongside highways provide great opportunities to professionalise driving habits in India. New generation drivers will be more tech savvy, understand the customer orientation and exhibit professional behaviour that commands respect in the industry and society as well.

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    Bridgestone will recognize drivers and other transport industry partners for their achievements in the areas of fuel savings, road safety, tyre mileage, etc. and CII IL, a Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Supply chain is joining hands as the Knowledge Partner in this initiative.

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