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Lamborghini reports 10 percent growth in 2022, best sales figures ever

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Lamborghini continues to break records and also for 2022 saw the best sales figures ever. The company delivered 9,233 cars worldwide, an increase of 10% over the previous year.

In all macro-regions the sign was clearly positive, maintaining a homogeneous and consistent distribution, with Asia registering +14%, followed by America with +10% and finally EMEA with +7% compared to 2021. Sales, in almost all key markets, broke all records. This was also thanks to the high reputation the brand enjoys internationally, with the number of dealers increasing from 173 to 180 in just one year and with a presence in 53 different countries.

The United States remains in the top spot (2,721 cars delivered, up 10% over the previous year), followed by Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong & Macau (1,018 cars delivered, up 9% over the previous year), Germany (808 cars delivered, up 14% over the previous year), United Kingdom (650 cars delivered, up 15% over the previous year) and Japan (546 cars delivered, up 22% over the previous year).

In terms of models, the Urus Super SUV’s success is confirmed (5,367 units delivered, up 7% over 2021), followed by an impressive increase of the Huracán (3,113 units delivered, up 20% over 2021) and the Aventador with 753 units delivered, reaching the end of its production in September 2022.

A further acceleration of this trajectory is expected to take place in 2023, when the first hybrid cars will be produced and Lamborghini enters the second phase of our Direzione Cor Tauri program, a strategic roadmap unveiled in 2021 that involves the highest-ever investment in the company’s history (1.8 billion euros over five years) delivering the hybrid transition and subsequently the transition to fully-electric vehicles.

In terms of product, 2022 was a year full of news, starting with the launch of the Huracán Tecnica in April, which consolidates the level of expertise Lamborghini has achieved in the field of design and engineering. The V10-powered rear-wheel drive car condenses the fun and driving dynamics of a Huracán STO into a new, sleeker look suitable for everyday use with the addition of aerodynamic enhancements aimed at boosting performance, stability and ease of use on both road and track. November saw another V10 unveiling of the Huracán Sterrato, the first super sports car designed to offer the ultimate driving pleasure away from conventional roads on loose surfaces, in a totally unique combination.

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