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    Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) celebrates Environment Month, promoting ‘Beat the Plastic’ campaign


    Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) successfully concluded their month-long clean-up drives in the Bidadi Industrial Area, marking the environment-month celebration, reaffirming their commitment to community and sustainability initiatives. The campaign, centred around the theme of “Beat the Plastic Pollution,” aimed to create awareness among the community and promote eco-friendly practices.

    Plastic pollution emerges as a grave menace, disrupting the delicate balance of our environment and its inhabitants. The repercussions are far-reaching as plastic pollution disturbs the harmony of ecosystems, tainting the purity of soil and water. Recognizing the severity of the issue, BIA centred the plastic clean-up drives, which garnered an overwhelming response from Bidadi’s industry-based employees and volunteers showcasing their collective dedication towards environmental conservation. These initiatives also witnessed the strong active participation of the employees from Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) contributing to the good cause of the environment. More than 500 employees, from various industries located in BIA, along with their families voluntarily & enthusiastically participated in multiple eco-driven activities.

    Furthermore, a range of engaging activities were also organized, such as eco competitions, including essay writing, environment posters, and best eco practices, to educate and inspire the participants and the community at large, about the significance of preserving our planet. In addition, the campaign featured a street play by engineering students to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its detrimental effects. Community dustbins were also installed to facilitate proper waste disposal and contribute to maintaining a clean and safe environment. The joint efforts of BIA along with TKM reinforces the commitment to building a safe and sustainable industrial area, creating opportunities for growth, and contributing to the overall development of the region.

    This month-long environmental campaign culminated with a Valedictory Session including prize distribution to the participants, appreciated for their strong eco-efforts. This also served as an opportunity for participants to reflect on their joint efforts and the positive impact they have made in creating a cleaner and safer environment in Bidadi Industrial Area. This important occasion was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including the Chief Guest, Shri. H. C. Balakrishna, Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly representing the Magadi Constituency, Karnataka, and the Guest of Honour, Mr. V. C. Mohan, Senior General Manager at Bosch Limited. The campaign’s impact will continue to resonate, inspiring individuals and organizations to take proactive steps towards a more sustainable future.

    BIA has taken proactive measures to minimize its environmental impact and align with sustainability objectives. In 2020, under the guidance of TKM and with the collaboration of other industries, BIA established the Centralized Solid Waste Management Facility (CSWMF), capable of processing 10 tons of municipal waste per day. Presently, in addition to collecting segregated waste from designated pickup points in 11 neighbouring villages, BIA has successfully onboarded 121 member industries who utilize CSWMF for the disposal of their non-industrial, non-hazardous municipal solid waste in compliance with KSPCB (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board) regulations. This initiative ensures that no waste is directed to landfills, thereby fostering a clean and waste-free environment in the industrial area.

    Present at the occasion, Shri. H C Balakrishna, Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly representing the Magadi Constituency, Karnataka, said, “We commend the continued efforts of Bidadi Industries Association, including their month-long eco initiatives conducted in the Bidadi Industrial Area. The plastic pollution is a serious concern that requires collective action, and this campaign to ‘Beat the Plastic Pollution’ is a progressive step towards raising awareness and promoting eco-friendly practices. Such collaborative endeavours play a crucial role in preserving our ecosystems and maintain a plastic-free, safe environment for the community to live. We strongly support such initiatives and encourage more industries to join forces, making a positive impact on the environment and society at large”.

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. V. C. Mohan, Senior General Manager, Bosch Limited said “We firmly believe that the path to progress lies in harmony with nature. We believe that environmental conservation and sustainability are not just the responsibility of individual organizations, but a collective duty of all stakeholders. We take pride in being a part of the solution, and our partnership with BIA, along with Toyota Kirloskar Motor is a testament to our commitment to building a sustainable, prosperous, and environmentally conscious future for all. Together, we can create opportunities for growth while preserving the sanctity of our surroundings, leaving a positive legacy for the region’s development and the well-being of our communities.”

    Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Vikram Gulati, Country Head and Executive Vice President of Toyota Kirloskar Motor said “At Toyota Kirloskar Motor, we firmly believe in the power of collective action and the responsibility we hold towards preserving our environment. The eco initiatives in the Bidadi Industrial Area represented by various industry members including Toyota Kirloskar Motor, is a testament to our sustainability mindset, unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and environment conservation. Through this campaign, we are not only supporting the cleanliness of the Industrial Area but also fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.  Through active involvement of our employees, the aim has been to create awareness about plastic pollution, to inspire, change, and instil a deep-rooted sense of environment consciousness”.

    The Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) is an independent body, registered under the ‘Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960,’ formed by the industries of the Bidadi industrial area. This has been done under the eminent leadership of Toyota & Bosch, with the support of other large, medium, and small industries operating in the region.

    With TKM’s ongoing support and collaborative approach, BIA aims to develop Bidadi into an important manufacturing hub in Karnataka. The association together with TKM and other industries, implements need-based social interventions for the benefit of community, where it operates. The partnership functions under the concept of “FOR THE COMMUNITY, BY THE COMMUNITY,” and focuses on industry connect, government connect, estate management, community connect, and environment, health, and safety (EHS).

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