Hyundai Eon Crash Test Ratings

Hyundai Eon

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Year of publication:  2016

Hyundai Eon Safety Ratings

  Safety 2

Our safety score is based on the Global NCAP crash test ratings.

Global NCAP Safety Ratings


The protection offered to the driver head was poor and for this reason the star capping was applied Driver’s chest protection was poor, Passenger’s chest protection was marginal. The front passengers’ knees could impact with dangerous structures in the dashboard lie the Tran fascia tube. The bodyshell was rated as unstable and it was not capable of withstanding any further loadings.


The child seat for the 3 year old child was unable to prevent excessive forward movement during the impact.. The recommended CRS for the 3 year old dummy was found to be incompatible with the belt system on the vehicle, while the CRS for the 18 months dummy did not show incompatibility. The installation instructions on both child seats were insufficient and not permanently attached to the seat. The vehicle was not equipped with a passenger airbag.

Hyundai Eon Safety Features


  • Child Safety Locks


  • Anti-lock Braking System