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    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know

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    The new Mercedes Benz Actros is the Mercedes Benz’s flagship heavy-duty truck. With over 60 innovations, the new Actros is one of the most advanced heavy-duty truck in the world. The new Actros features Active Brake Assist 5 with further improved pedestrian detection, new Traffic Sign Assist, new electronic parking brake, new Stability Control Assist also for trailers, and new headlamp system with characteristic light signature, Highbeam Assist.

    1. Semi-autonomous driving

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 5 things to know | Vandi4u
    Mercedes-Benz Actros 1863 LS 4×2

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros with the Active Drive Assist system can brake, accelerate and steer automatically. The system offers semi-automated driving at all speed ranges across straight roads, slight curves, heavy traffic and stop-and-go traffic on the motorway. The Active Drive Assist brakes the truck if it gets too close to a vehicle driving in front and accelerates again until a set speed is reached. It also actively keeps the vehicle in lane. If the vehicle is leaving its lane unintentionally, Active Drive Assist intervenes and independently steers the vehicle back into its lane. The distance from the vehicle in front and the vehicle’s position in its lane can be adjusted in multiple stages using the driving assistance menu.

    2. World’s first truck with MirrorCam

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 5 things to know | Vandi4u

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros is the first series production truck in the world to have MirrorCam on-board. Replacing the conventional main mirrors and wide-angle mirrors this system works entirely with digital cameras and displays. The cameras are attached to the right and left of the roof frame.

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 5 things to know | Vandi4u

    The images captured are displayed on two 15-inch displays with a resolution of 720 x 1920 pixels. These are attached to the A-pillars inside the cab. One positive side effect of this is that the driver now has a good, diagonal view past the A-pillars, which enlarges the field of view. Apart from increased safety, the omission of mirrors reduces fuel consumption, as the compact digital cameras bring considerable aerodynamic advantages.

    3. Improved aerodynamics

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know | Vandi4u

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros consumes up to three percent less fuel on motorways and expressways than its predecessor. With mileage in long-distance haulage typically exceeding 120 000 km per year, this again represents a significant cost reduction for the operator. The new MirrorCam, new concave-shaped cab side deflectors and, the revised roof spoiler also helped to improve the aerodynamics of the new Actros truck.

    4. New Multimedia cockpit

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know | Vandi4u

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros features a new Multimedia Cockpit with two 10-inch colour displays. In place of the conventional instrument cluster with its speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge, the Multimedia Cockpit has a primary, colour display installed behind the steering wheel featuring high-resolution, flat-screen technology. This screen provides the driver with all basic information relevant to driving and much more, such as Active Drive Assist displays. The central area of the display can be configured to suit individual requirements.

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know | Vandi4u

    In addition to two USB ports, the new Actros provides a hands-free system with dual Bluetooth, which enables to pair two mobile phones at the same time, and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The new Multimedia Cockpit can save up to six driver profiles by using the conventional digital tachograph driver card or Fleetboard driver card.

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    5. OM 471 engine

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know | Vandi4u

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros is powered by a second-generation, six-cylinder OM 471 in-line engine. The OM 471 engine is mated to a weight-optimised 12-speed PowerShift3 (G211) automatic transmission and runs on a new 315/70 R 22.5 tyres.

    6. Predictive Powertrain Control 

    New Mercedes-Benz Actros: Top 6 things to know | Vandi4u

    The new Mercedes Benz Actros features a new intelligent cruise control system with Predictive Powertrain Control. Apart from using the satellite-based location system, the new Predictive Powertrain Control uses accurate digital maps and data about topography, bends, the geometric properties of junctions and roundabouts, as well as traffic signs. The system optimises the driving style to take uphill and downhill gradients into account, as well as winding rural routes where the use of a cruise control system was previously not ideal. The Predictive Powertrain Control avoids unnecessary braking, acceleration, gear changes, and helps to move the truck efficiently and save fuel.

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