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    2022 Mercedes Benz Tourrider is a tech loaded 450hp motorcoach

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    Mercedes Benz has unveiled the all-new Tourrider, a tailor-made motor coach exclusively for Northern American markets. The 2022 Mercedes Benz Tourrider has set a new benchmark in terms of design, comfort, technology, safety features, individuality, or economics. The new Tourrider is a 13.92 metre long three-axle high-deck coach which is offered in two model variants – Tourrider Business and Tourrider Premium. The Tourrider Business is the coach for sophisticated expectations, the “Business Class” among motorcoaches while the Tourrrider Premium is the luxury motorcoach that fulfills all the expectations of the “First Class”.

    Muscle car inspired exteriors

    2022 Mercedes Benz Tourrider business

    The 2022 Tourrider looks distinctive with its chrome-framed grille with centrally-placed star and the typical horizontal arrangement with headlamps on one level.  Although the housings are identical, the motorcoach has different “eyes:” while the Tourrider Business uses individual dome headlamps, the Tourrider Premium, on the other hand, makes use of exclusively developed LED integral headlamps. The rear of the Tourrider Premium features a trapezoidal rear window with integrated Mercedes star typical of the brand. The Mercedes Benz Tourrider Business sports a V-shaped black cover panel with louvers that pay homage to the shape of early American muscle cars. The new Tourrider also combines form and function. From the front to the rear, the Mercedes Benz Tourrider has been aerodynamically optimized to reduce fuel consumption.

    Panorama glass roof

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider premiumMercedes-Benz Tourrider premium glass roof

    The Tourrider Premium offers the option of installing the fascinating Top Sky Panorama glass roof to turn the passenger compartment into a true dream. During evening or night-time journeys, optional ambient LED lighting strips below the luggage racks and under the window sills further enhance the ambiance and rider experience.

    Individually equipped passenger compartment

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider businessMercedes-Benz Tourrider interior

    In terms of interior, passengers benefit from generous space, especially aboard the Tourrider Premium with its passenger compartment raised by 2.36 inches (6.0 cm) compared with the Tourrider Business. Additionally, everyone is welcome in the Tourrider and that’s why it can be optioned with two wheelchair spaces. The corresponding automatic lift is easy to operate and is stowed in a space-saving way above the drive axle.

    As standard equipment, the Mercedes Benz Tourrider Business is equipped with the comfortable Mercedes Benz Travel Star Eco seats. Meanwhile, the Tourrider Premium enjoys first class seating in the form of Travel Star Xtra seats with Luxline upholstery, the most luxurious motorcoach seating available from Mercedes-Benz. Motorcoach companies can individually enhance the Tourrider’s extraordinary character with an extremely diverse range of fabrics and colors, decors, topstitching, piping or the variants of the fine, yet easy-care, composition leather fiber material. Buyers can also choose the design for the decorative elements on-board. And finally, passengers enjoy options such as a twin USB socket installed centrally underneath each of the double seats and/or 110-volt sockets for charging their electronic devices.

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider premium

    Tourrider engineers has also placed great emphasis on optimising passenger compartment heating and air conditioning. Pleasant cooling even during periods of high ambient temperature is ensured by the powerful integrated air conditioning system from Eberspaecher/Sütrak with an output of 35 kW. Plus, the driver’s workplace also benefits from a separate 9 kW air conditioning system.

    New cockpit

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider premiumMercedes-Benz Tourrider premium

    The Mercedes Benz Tourrider Business sports a dynamic-functional Cockpit Basic Plus, while the Tourrider Premium dazzles with the luxurious and functional Cockpit Comfort Plus. Both are of exemplary ergonomic design and offer numerous practical and innovative functions. However, the two cockpits do differ in design and structure as well as in their equipment. A host of functions support drivers in their tasks. On the left the driver will find the knob of the standard electronic parking brake. It combines simple handling with high safety. Other practical helpers: The luggage compartment doors can be locked separately on the left and right by means of a switch. In line with this, the dashboard display shows the open status of the doors. The new Mercedes Benz Tourider also gets features like 360-degree camera and two LED headlamp systems with standard docking light.

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    Sideguard assist

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider businessMercedes-Benz Tourrider business

    The outstanding new safety features of the Tourrider also include the optional radar-based Sideguard Assist cornering assistant with pedestrian detection. If a moving object such as a pedestrian or a cyclist or a stationary obstacle is located in the monitoring zone on the side of the door, the system issues a warning to the driver. It thereby assists the driver in particular when turning off in busy areas and also effectively protects both fellow motororists, cyclists and pedestrians.

    Automated emergency brake

    The new Mercedes Benz Tourrider is the first motorcoach available with the unique Active Brake Assist 5 emergency braking system (ABA 5) with pedestrian detection. Within the system limits, this assistance system (standard in both Tourrider Business and Premium) is the first emergency braking system for buses which is able to initiate an automated emergency stop in reaction not only to stationary and moving obstacles, but also for pedestrians. An add-on component of ABA 5 is the radar-based autonomous intelligent cruise control (standard in Tourrider Premium). It relieves the strain on the driver on long-distance stretches and interstate highways. If the assistance system detects a slower vehicle ahead, it automatically slows the coach down until a speed-dependent distance pre-selected by the driver is reached, which the system then maintains constantly.

    Attention assist

    Attention Assist (ATAS) available as an option, warns the driver both visually and audibly if it detects the typical signs of fatigue or inattentiveness, and prompts the driver to take a break. Another assistance system of the Tourrider is the standard Lane Assistant, which detects when the vehicle inadvertently leaves the marked lane with the help of a camera system behind the windshield. When the vehicle crosses the lane marker without signaling, the driver is alerted by means of a noticeable vibration on the corresponding side of their seat.

    12.8 litre engine

    Mercedes-Benz Tourrider businessMercedes-Benz Tourrider business

    The 2022 Mercedes Bnez Tourrider is powered by inline 6-cylinder 12.8-litre Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine, which produces 450 hp and 2300 Nm of torque. The transmission is handled by the Allison WTB 500R torque converter automatic transmission. It impresses with a technology package consisting of common-rail direct injection with the unique flexible high-pressure injection system X-Pulse, charge air cooling as well as exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

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